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About Climate & Health 2023

Climate change is both an existential crisis and the greatest public health concern of our time.  Despite this, climate change and health is inconsistently discussed in medical education, and many students and health professionals do not fully understand the impacts of climate change on health.


Fortunately, many young health professionals are interested in focusing their careers on climate change and health through research, communication, education, and advocacy.  Many senior practitioners in diverse health disciplines believe that the implications of climate change for health are germane to clinical practice.


While there are various local and regional university-led meetings on climate and health, and there have been efforts sponsored in conjunction with recent UNFCCC COP meetings, there are no broadly accessible international forums where students and young researchers can present their work, meet one another, and learn from and develop connections with more senior advisors. There are also few forums where clinicians that are interested in but new to climate and human health can go to immerse themselves in the topic. This is a missed opportunity and pressing need because health care practitioners have some of the most trusted voices in society and can be a powerful voice in educating the public and assisting in efforts to address the causes and impacts of climate change. 


In response, we are hosting an international hybrid meeting on healthy adaptation and mitigation. This inaugural meeting has the following goals:

  1. facilitate the education, interest and career paths of health care students and early career professionals regarding climate change and health

  2. facilitate international collaboration regarding climate change and health research, clinical care and advocacy

  3. disseminate state of the art research and clinical findings related to climate change and health

  4. provide attendees with an understanding of health care disparities and ethical considerations surrounding climate change and health

  5. support health-focused innovation regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.  


This inaugural meeting will be held on October 21-22, 2023, offset by six months from Earth Day, and also just prior to COP28.  This will allow us to bring attention to the importance of climate change from a human health standpoint and build connections within the health community prior to COP28. We anticipate approximately 250 in person attendees at this meeting, in addition to an additional 1000 or more who will attend virtually.  Presenters and those with active participation in conference planning will be prioritized for in-person attendance.

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